Lumin Documentation

Lumin is a dynamic analytic and visualization software that empowers cancer biologists to harness the power of computational science in a convenient and sophisticated tool. The power of Lumin is in the ability to explore and perform analysis on rich and unique datasets assembled from over 25,000 cancer patients, including thousands of clinical treatment responses not available in any public dataset.

The Multi-faceted Layers of the Lumin Analytic Engine

Lumin is Champions Oncology’s revolutionary data interpretation software capable of analyzing proteomic, genomic and transcriptomic datasets in real time, providing scientists with the ability to gain novel insights at their fingertips.

Lumin has a seamless interface, is easy to use and does not require coding experience to interpret the data. Champions’ Lumin Bioinformatics offers a range of analysis and visualization tools that can be utilized in all stages of drug development.